Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Center

  • 12th Annual - Manitoba Brethren Pastor Conference - May 31, 2011
    12th Annual – Manitoba Brethren Pastor Conference
    Ladies of the Cloth - Quilters - January 31, 2012
    11th Annual – Ladies of the Cloth – Quilters
    McIvor Ave. MB Ladies Retreat - April 29, 2012
    6th Annual – McIvor Ave. MB Ladies Retreat
    Manitoba Conservation Fire Conference - May 20, 2012
    5th Annual – Manitoba Conservation Fire Conference
    2nd- Manitoba Envirothon - May 30, 2012
    “It was a really great event! Thanks…”
    Annie-Marie Dyck - RRC Chaplins - June 3, 2012
    “This an amazing place! Thanks so much for your generosity…”
    12th year of annual bookings - Anglican Church of Canada - June 15, 2012
    “Your so awesome! We want to come back again in 4 months”
    Peters Family Reunion - July 2, 2012
    “Back again!” – numerous times
    Lois on behalf of Friends in Formation - July 3, 2012
    “Thanks you! You really went the extra mile for our retreat”
    numerous times - Plett Family - July 6, 2012
    “It’s a family tradition!”
    Jesus is Lord Church - July 6, 2012
    2nd National Conference – Jesus is Lord Church
    CEF Canada - July 6, 2012
    “…hospitality & awesome food! You guys are awesome!”
    4th Annual conference - Baha'i Summer School - July 8, 2012
    Just wonderful, were book back into the system for next year!
    Lepp Reunion Group - July 15, 2012
    “Had many favorable comments about you and your facilities. Thank you…”
    Koop Gathering - July 22, 2012
    4th Family Gathering – “Just great!”
    Funk Family - July 22, 2012
    “You win, back next year, same time!”
    CLAC - July 26, 2012
    “Bringing more people…Thanks!”
    Grace Aboriginal Ministry - July 28, 2012
    “Had a great time! Booked to return in 1 month”
    Born Family Gathering - July 29, 2012
    “Thanks so much!”
    Abram Isaac Reunion - July 29, 2012
    “Wonderful, back next year!”
    3rd annual Hen's weekend - Desrochers Girls - July 31, 2012
    “It was wonderful! See you soon again”
    Southland Community 2012 - July 31, 2012
    “We have brought over 4000 people here for the weekend!”
    Linden Berg - August 4, 2012
    “Thanx again for your wonderful hospitality”
Conference Facilities Overlooking river and forest just 1 hour from Winnipeg
July 13, 2014

Team-building for management?


Teambuilding has become an important component to the conference setting, as people in retreat circles discovered a long time ago. Communication starts with trust, and trust is something earned not given... read more

Team-building for management?
July 1, 2014

Manitoba Conference Central


Winnipeg being central to Canada and much of North America, we see an increasing amount of national and international conferences being hosted at Wilderness Edge... read more

Manitoba Conference Central
May 29, 2014

Manitoba conference facilities


When considering holding an event centrally, Manitoba is the natural choice... read more

Manitoba conference facilities
May 2, 2014

Maximize your attendee’s conference experience


Conferences are what you make of them. If attendees are not sure why they're going, or what you want to get out of the experience, they're unlikely to get it... read more

Maximize your attendee’s conference experience
April 8, 2014

Buffet Dining at the Edge

Our simple, made from scratch buffet offers tasty, tender and abundantly flavorful meals.Wilderness Edge is proud to serve our famed Roast Pig Saturday evenings, offering an unique communal dining experience. read more

Buffet Dining at the Edge
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