Family gatherings and reunions

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Family gatherings and reunions

Are you in charge of planning a family gathering or group retreat that you want to be truly exceptional?

Choosing the perfect Manitoba location is often the first and most challenging step in the process. Look no further than Wilderness Edge Retreat Centre, just one hour from Winnipeg in East Whiteshell the breathtaking beauty creates the ultimate backdrop for family gatherings.

A Destination for Family Gatherings in Waterfront and Forest setting

Wilderness Edge is a sought-after destination for a wide range of group events. Whether you're organizing a traditional family reunion, a sibling retreat, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, or even special events like weddings and showers, our versatile venue caters to groups of all sizes and types. We're here to ensure that your gathering is nothing short of spectacular.

Manitoba's Premier Four-Season Resort

Nestled near Winnipeg and the largest facility of its kind east until Thunderbay, Wilderness Edge stands as Manitoba's largest and fastest-growing four-season resort. We offer an abundance of attractions and activities that make your gathering truly special. From tubing and slow rafting on Manitoba's top waterway to enjoying the local beach, from teeing off at fabulous 18-hole golf courses like Pinawa and Granite Hills to exploring the spectacular Trans Canada trail paths and serene lake views, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Adventure Awaits

Nature enthusiasts will revel in the hiking paths and biking trails that abound in the vicinity. For a more exhilarating experience, don't miss the Suspension Bridge above the serene Pinawa Channel, which offers breathtaking views of lush forests and sparkling waters. Nearby, you can visit the Pinawa Heritage Sundial, a tranquil spot near the marina that provides views of the Winnipeg River.

Exploring Local Culture

For a deeper connection to the region's culture, make sure to explore the Bannock Point Petroforms. These ancient figures, including turtles, snakes, humans, and abstract patterns on bedrock, are believed to hold ancient teachings and healing powers for visitors. The Trans Canada Trail in Pinawa winds through forests, granite ridges, and beaver dams, offering opportunities to connect with the land.

Rich History and Adventure

Discover the historic Old Pinawa Dam, sitting on the Winnipeg River and now residing within the Old Pinawa Dam Park. It offers walking paths and opportunities for rapids surfing in its turbid waters. For more excitement, take on the floating obstacle course at Hoopla Island in the picturesque waters of Pinawa.

Wildlife and Night Adventures

Nature enthusiasts will want to visit the Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary, where you can observe wildlife around Goose Pond, or simply relax in our viewing area. Join in on the Wolf Howl Hikes and hike along with a Park Interpreter as you howl for wolves. For a mysterious adventure, participate in the UFO Guided Hikes and learn about the intriguing Falcon Lake UFO incident of 1967 on the Falcon Creek Trail.

Cultural Exploration

Experience the rich history and cultural significance of bannock, a vital bread for voyageurs and Indigenous communities, during the Voyaguer Bannock Bake. You'll even have the opportunity to bake your own over a campfire with all the necessary ingredients provided. And for those who love owls, join the Owl Prowl Hike, a guided nocturnal adventure to Bear Lake, where you'll explore the diverse owl species that inhabit the Whiteshell region and learn about their unique characteristics.

Comfort and Convenience Await You in Our Guest Rooms

At Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre, we offer a variety of guest rooms to suit each need within your gathering. Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat or a spacious suite, our accommodations provide comfort and convenience.

Our Standard 1 Queen Bedroom on the main floor is perfect for those looking for simplicity and comfort. Furnished in a classic 1960s style with a built-in desk, it features a queen bed, a 32" flat-screen TV with satellite, a private 4-piece washroom, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Please note that there is no daily maid service, and we maintain a quiet atmosphere from 9 pm to 9 am.

For guests with accessibility needs, our Handi-friendly Double Bed + Single Bed offers a comfortable stay. This room features one double bed, one single bed, and accessible amenities such as wider entrance and bathroom doors with additional handles. Like our standard rooms, it includes a 32" flat-screen TV with satellite, a private 4-piece washroom, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Traveling with family or friends? Our Standard Room - 2 Double Beds is designed for your comfort. These rooms feature two double beds, a small fridge, and all the essential amenities. You'll find a 32" flat-screen TV with satellite, a private 4-piece washroom, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

For larger groups, our Kitchen Suite w/kids beds provides ample space. It features two bedrooms connected by a kitchen hallway and two private 4-piece washrooms. The suite includes one queen log bed and three kids' beds, a furnished kitchenette, microwave, stove, stovetop, small fridge, coffee maker, toaster, sink, and pantry area.

We also offer a Family Suite 1Q 3S (no kitchen version) with two bedroom areas—one with a queen bed and the other with three single beds. These rooms are perfect for families and include the same amenities as our other accommodations.

For those seeking additional space and comfort, our Two Bedroom Suites provide an ideal solution. These suites feature two bedrooms connected by a bathroom, each with a queen bed. Like our other rooms, they come equipped with a 32" flat-screen TV with satellite and a private 4-piece washroom.

If you're looking for a unique and comfortable stay, consider our Bachelor Suite with kitchenette. These suites are larger than our standard rooms and feature a log queen bed, a furnished kitchenette, and all the necessary amenities.

For a picturesque view and more space, our Couples Suite with apartment kitchen and living area is perfect. These suites feature a corner window with a lake and marina view, a living room, dining room, a bedroom with a log bed, and a 4-piece bathroom.

Lastly, our Couples mini-apartment with kitchen provides a cozy and well-equipped space for your stay. It includes a living room, dining room, a bedroom with a log bed, and a 4-piece bathroom.

Family Style Group Dining Experiences Await You

At Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre, we believe that exceptional gatherings deserve exceptional food experiences. Our catering services are designed to tantalize your taste buds, ensuring that every meal becomes a memorable part of your retreat.

Buffet-Style Meals for All Occasions

Our buffet-style meals are a testament to delicious simplicity. Made from scratch with care, they feature tender and abundantly flavorful dishes. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, supper, or a nighttime snack, our flexible meal times can be tailored to your group's schedule.

Courtyard BBQs

For a delightful change of pace, consider upgrading your supper to a sizzling Steak and Sausage BBQ in our charming courtyard. We provide all the picnic essentials, and you can take charge of grilling your choice of meats and vegetables on our outdoor propane grills. This option is available in our courtyard during the spring, summer, and fall seasons (from May 1 to September 31).

Breakfast Bliss

Start your day with a breakfast that's a true feast for the senses. Our breakfast spread features freshly cut fruits, yogurts, freshly baked goods, and a variety of hot, cold, and traditional breakfast options. Quench your thirst with an assortment of beverages, including juices, milk, tea, coffee and ice water.

Buffet Lunch: We serve a delightful buffet lunch featuring classic Canadian lunch items. Enjoy items like make your own sandwich, homemade soups, selection of your own salad and vegetable greens, all designed to satisfy your taste buds.

Sumptuous Suppers

Our Supper Buffet is the culinary highlight of your stay at Wilderness Edge. It features the chef's choice of meat, which could be anything from succulent pork and beef to turkey, chicken, or fish. Complementing side dishes complete the experience, and our desserts add a sweet touch to your evening. Don't forget to leave a little room, as our freshly baked night snack is a delightful treat you won't want to miss!

Night Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings

We keep the treats coming with a fresh fruit basket always at the ready, and cookies served every evening. A cookie jar is also available for daytime cookie breaks—a sweet indulgence whenever you desire.

Accommodating Special Diets and Allergies

Your dietary needs and allergies are our concern. If you have specific dietary requirements or allergies, please provide details in writing to your group leader during the booking registration. Be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number so our kitchen staff can reach out if they have any questions or would like to present a tailored menu for your approval.

Vegetarian and Vegan Delights

For those on a group retreat seeking vegetarian or vegan meals, we are pleased to offer a range of mouthwatering options that cater to all tastes. Simply discuss your preferences with your group organizer and fill in your details in the online group booking portal before your arrival. At Wilderness Edge, we're committed to ensuring every guest's dining experience is nothing short of delightful.

Versatile Meeting Spaces Tailored to Your Needs

At Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre, we understand that the right meeting space is essential for productive gatherings, whether it's a corporate conference, team-building event, or special celebration. With a capacity of over 400 bed spaces, our complex offers a variety of meeting room options to accommodate your unique requirements.

Expansive Options for Large Gatherings

For larger groups, we provide spacious in-complex meeting rooms capable of hosting up to 200 people. Alternatively, you can choose one of our Wedding Venue Style Tents, which can accommodate a whopping 400+ attendees. These tents offer stunning views overlooking the picturesque Winnipeg River, creating a captivating backdrop for your event.

Discover Your Perfect Meeting Space

Explore our selection of meeting rooms, each designed to cater to different group sizes and preferences:

  1. Manitoba Room: With a seating capacity for up to 200 people in a theatre-style setup, the Manitoba Room offers a commanding view of the Winnipeg River. Spanning 80 feet by 30 feet, this versatile space is located on the main floor.
  2. Aggasiz Room: The Aggasiz Room is ideal for gatherings of up to 140 attendees in a theatre-style arrangement. Its dimensions, at 80 feet by 30 feet, make it a spacious choice, located on the lower level.
  3. Pinawa Room: For more intimate meetings of up to 40 individuals in a theatre-style configuration, the Pinawa Room is a comfortable and inviting option. It measures 25 feet by 27 feet and is situated on the main floor.
  4. McCoy Lounge: The McCoy Lounge Meeting Room is perfect for smaller groups of up to 30 participants in a theatre-style layout. It's conveniently located on the main floor.
  5. Avery Room: With a seating capacity for up to 20 people in a theatre-style setup, the Avery Room on the lower level offers an intimate atmosphere for your meetings.
  6. Penner Theatre: For more compact gatherings of up to 15 attendees in a theatre-style arrangement, the Penner Theatre is a cozy and functional space.

Whether you're planning a grand retreat, an intimate reunion, or anything in between, Wilderness Edge has the ideal meeting space to meet your needs. Our venues are equipped with modern amenities to ensure your event runs smoothly, and our team is dedicated to providing exceptional support throughout your gathering. Experience the convenience and flexibility of our meeting spaces, all set amidst the stunning natural beauty of Whiteshell Provincial Park.

No matter your preference, our guest rooms offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of the 1960s style. We strive to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, with complimentary Wi-Fi and all the amenities you need. Please note our check-in and quiet time policies to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests.

Experience the comfort and area surrounding of Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre.

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