Planning a family reunion this year? Plan the Perfect Family Retreat at Wilderness Edge

Kevin Penner

Planning a family reunion this year? Plan the Perfect Family Retreat at Wilderness Edge

When it comes to planning a family retreat, a little preparation goes a long way. From the ideal timing to organizing activities and selecting the perfect venue, we've got you covered.

Who to Invite?

Family gatherings are a time to connect, so think inclusively. Invite first cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces. Consider including second cousins and close friends who have become family. The goal is to make everyone feel welcome.

When to Plan?

The timing of your family retreat is crucial. For larger extended families, planning a year in advance ensures ample time for preparation. Smaller families can comfortably plan six months ahead. Many opt for school breaks or national holidays like Thanksgiving to accommodate everyone, especially those with school-age children.

How Many Days to Set Aside?

A weekend or long weekend is a fantastic duration for a family retreat, offering quality time together. Some families choose an entire week for a more extended gathering. In some cases, older siblings may arrive a few days earlier to catch up before the main weekend festivities.

The Central Organizer

Designate a central person in your family to lead and organize the retreat. This ensures effective coordination and planning. Build a committee of supporting family members to assist in different aspects of the event, and communicate regularly to stay on track.

Selecting the Ideal Venue

Traditionally, family gatherings took place in homes. However, accommodations with numerous bedrooms are now less common. Younger generations may prefer hotel-style rooms, while older relatives may seek single-level lodgings. Renting rooms at a hotel or a retreat center has become increasingly popular.

Why Choose a Retreat Center?

Retreat centers offer the best of both worlds. They provide group accommodations and dining services, often at a lower cost than hotels. Retreat centers are well-suited for family reunions, offering more amenities and activities than private homes or hotels.

Cost Considerations

Managing costs is essential when planning a family retreat. Not everyone may have a substantial budget, especially families with many children. Retreat centers often provide an affordable solution, offering inclusive packages that cover meals and activities.

Location Matters

Choose a location that minimizes travel time for most participants, ideally within a 90-minute drive. For those flying in, select a venue within 90 minutes of the nearest airport. Coordinating flights can allow for shared shuttle transportation, reducing expenses.

The Importance of Food

Food is a vital aspect of your family retreat. Most retreat centers offer comprehensive meal packages, allowing your group to focus on mealtime schedules. Communicate any food allergies or dietary requirements to ensure everyone's needs are met.

Planning Group Activities

While family retreats are all about spending time together, subgroups with shared interests naturally form. Plan a schedule of group activities, especially for evenings after supper. Consider activities like campfires, storytelling, talent shows, or guided adventures to keep everyone engaged.

Reflecting on Your Retreat

After the family retreat, share photos and videos to relive the memories. Collect contact information and start brainstorming ideas for the next year's gathering. Your family retreat is a cherished tradition, and each one builds upon the last, creating lasting bonds and unforgettable moments.

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