Winter village in Pinawa Manitoba

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Winter village in Pinawa Manitoba

Saturdays January/February 2023

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Showshoe Tour, Bannock Baking, and Professional Guides are perfect for those seeking amazing Manitoba Retreats and Adventures.

There’s a reason why thousands of people visit Pinawa during the winter months. It’s the ultimate spot for enjoying nature, adventure, and Canadian heritage. Wilderness Edge offers onsite tours and experiences in a Boreal forest setting right on the historic Winnipeg River landscape. Located just one hour away from Winnipeg, we provide winter, spring, summer, and fall adventures and connect you with professional tour guides, equipment rentals, and all-inclusive stays, all at a fair price. You can also power pack your experience with one of our complete day trips, overnight or weekend packages.

Winter heritage experience | Ultimate winter adventure | Snowshoe rentals

Winter adventure experience

$25.00 or $12.50 with HOTEL ROOM

  • Guided Snowshoe Tour (includes snowshoes & trekking poles)
  • Fire, Bannock, & Storytelling
  • Voyageur Scavenger Hunt
  • Warm up in Traditional Hot Tent Village
  • Per person – Special rates for children
  • Read full details below


Day/night winter adventure

$110 or $55 with HOTEL ROOM

  • Everything from Winter Adventure Experience PLUS
  • Axe Throwing (ages 18+)
  • Evening Hot Tent Rentals (wood included)
  • Campfire Rentals (wood included)
  • Starlit Winter Hike (Wilderland Tours)
  • Bannock Making Workshop
  • Snowshoe Rental Included
  • Per person – Special rates for children
  • Read full details below


Ultimate winter weekend (All-inclusive)

Includes Meals / Accomidations / Personal Guides
Weekend / Midweek / Corporate Teambuilding

Weekend example package

  • Everything from Day/Night Experience PLUS
  • Private guides Friday and all day Sunday
  • All meals included with health in mind
  • Friday evening expect your experienced guide to give talk together with coffee/snacks
  • Saturday full day/night exerience
  • Sunday after breakfast spend full day with your guide until 3pm
  • Read full details below

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Snowshoe Rentals (am and pm)

$20.00 or $10.00 with HOTEL ROOM

  • Snowshoe size for teens and adults
  • Numerous local trails
  • Per person rates
  • Read full details below


Skaing rink


  • Wilderness Edge Marina is turning into a skating rink courtsey of the Town of Pinawa
  • Read full details below


Pinawa curling rink

$35 per hour – per sheet of ice

  • Group Rates $400 per day
  • On ice instruction available. One instructor per sheet $10 per hour
  • Contact Linda Gifford (204) 753-2372

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What to bring for Winter Village experience?

• Warm clothes that are in layers (base layer, then fleece mid layer, and then a warm winter jacket on top)
• Warm insulated or layered pants
• Warm insulated boots
• Toque, scarf/neck warmer, & mitts
• Warm socks, and extra pair or 2
• Sunglasses
• Water bottle or small thermos
• Phone or camera for photos

Cancellation policy

Non-refundable / non-transferable to another date or time.  If weather is cold at the time of the program, we will facilitate a modified indoor version and spend short periods of time outdoors and in the heated winter tents. If the weather is colder than MINUS 35 degrees celsius, 100% refunds will be provided and your tour will be canceled. If it is simply colder out or blowing snow or normal weather then no cancellations or refunds are provided.

No refunds for no shows. As these are group tours, showing up more than 15 minutes late without phoning ahead 204.753.2535 may result in your booking being canceled and no refund provided. We need our tours to go out on time so that they are back so that the next tour is not delayed. Thanks for your understanding and being timely.

Let's cover the basics on Manitoba adventure retreats and rentals

Waiver forms are required to be signed for all participants…

Adventure village & traditional winter tents

• At the centre of our winter program are our wood heated canvass tents for warming up and spending time in. There must be at least one responsible adult whenever there are children ages 17 and under in the tents. Only trained guides and instructors are permitted to fuel the stoves. The nature of the wood heated tents is smoke. If you have trouble breathing or have a medical condition such as asthma, please know the risks associated with spending time in a fire heated space.
• As part of our ULTIMATE WINTER ADVENTURE package, you can enjoy these warm tents on the coldest of evenings with your group. Play cards, enjoy time together “outdoors”, and make lasting memories. Many guests will go for a star lit snowshoe or hike and return to a warm drink in the hot tents.

Snow shoe tours & rentals

• We use both hybrid snowshoes and metal alpine style snowshoes, both with crampons. Our snowshoes are suitable for ages 12 and up, though bigger children may be able house our smallest sizes.
• All of our guided snowshoe tours include snowshoes, however you are permitted to bring your own. For our regular snowshoe tours, we trek along the Ironwood Trail and Transcanada Trail, therefore it’s also suitable for walking or pulling children on a sled, which we have a few available for use on our guided tours. Don’t forget your camera as we often encounter alot of wildlife such as deer, our local red fox, and other forest inhabitants. If we’re lucky, we’ll hear the chorus of a local Wolfpack across the Winnipeg River in the evening.

Fire, bannock, & storytelling

• In our Adventure Village, we provide fireside experiences which include fire building, bannock making, and sharing local stories of Canadian heritage and lore. Learn about early days winter travel and survival while embracing a modern take on traditional flatbread, bannock. We provided all the supplies and hot drinks.
• Expanded programs also include making your own bannock to take home and share with others!

Voyageur scavenger hunt

• This do-it-yourself scavenger hunt will bring the past to life as you challenge your friends and family to find the most lost trade goods of the fur trade era. Set on our 11 acres of waterfront property, you’ll have to use your wits and sometimes luck to locate all 10 items on your control card. Control cards are picked up at the front desk.

Outdoor skills

• Join an experienced wilderness guide to learn about how to stay safe, responsible, and thrive in the harsh winter environment. You will learn about necessary “must do’s” as well as practice fundamental skills such as fire making, shelter building, navigation, and more. Our guides are knowledgeable so we welcome questions and focus on skills that the group wants to learn most.

Axe throwing

• Challenge yourself and friends as you attempt to hone in your aim and trajectory to make a lasting strike on our axe throwing targets. An ancient skill necessary for survival, can you match up with Canada’s earliest hunters?

Expanded snowshoe & hiking toursSNOWSHOE & HIKING TOURS

• Want more of a challenge?! For adventurous guests, take what you’ve learned on our snowshoe tour and head out into the remote boreal wilderness or the early darkness of the evening and explore the rugged local landscape. Even the simplest of trails under the guiding light of the moon and stars poses a fun and rewarding experience.

100+ Guest rooms

• We have plenty of room for groups of all sizes ready to make their adventure an all-inclusive stay. Our 1960’s style building was a former Atomic Energy of Canada staff faculty turned retreat centre. Each room includes comfortable beds, cable tv, 3 piece bathroom with hot showers, and room options & upgrades of kitchenette suites and kids beds.

Food service

• We offer a full food service so you don’t have to worry about groceries or doing the dishes. Also available are private conference rooms of all sizes to accommodate groups wanting to run your own activities, have a common space, as well as spend time winding down after a busy day.


• We have free HIGH SPEED wi-fi, so you can stay connected and share your adventures after a busy day out in the area.

Young children for winter adventure?

Wilderness Edge is aa family friendly environment and we host hundreds of excited families each year. All of our activities are suitable and flexible to accommodate children, though some activities may be modified. It is expected that children are with their parents for all activities and under their direct supervision.

Ice fishing and other activities at Wilderness Edge

On our campus as well as local area:
• Ice Fishing (bring your own equipment)
• Hiking Trails
• Cross Country Skiing (Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Trails)
• Old Pinawa Dam
• Suspension Bridge Hike
• River Skating Trail (by marina)
• Geocaching
• Outdoor Hockey Rink
• Snowmobile Trails
• Whiteshell Provincial Park only 45 minute drive away!

Winter fun at Wilderness Edge

There’s nothing like getting outdoors on a beautiful winter day, and Wilderness Edge offers a great way to do just that! Located just an hour away from Winnipeg in scenic Pinawa, we provide outdoor experiences for anyone who is looking for an exciting excursion. With our *NEW* Adventure Village, Wilderness Edge is your perfect basecamp for all your winter fun.

Our Adventure Village is home to our guided snowshoe tours, fire making & bannock cooking, learning local stories of legend and lore, as well as our wood heated traditional winter tents become a cozy and comfortable place to spend with family & friends after a long day.

Winter adventure with friends

Has it been a while since you last caught up with your close friends? Maybe you have a friend visiting the Manitoba area from outside of the province and want to show them what we have to offer? A winter adventure gives you time to relax and share stories, as well as enjoy a few laughs along the way. Spending quality time with friends can be a great stress-reliever, boosting your mood and helping you to forget about the busy day-to-day lives we lead. A winter excursion is a perfect way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Winter adventure with family

Connecting with your loved ones is an important part of life. It can be difficult in today’s hustle and bustle to carve out time for those special people in your life, which is why booking a winter adventure with the whole family can be an opportunity to create memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Sharing an experience in the great outdoors helps parents and teens have valuable bonding time that can strengthen relationships and allow everyone the chance to relax and have fun. Seeing your teenager unplug from technology and experience an outdoor adventure will be well worth it!

Winter adventure with colleagues

Winter adventure provides a positive experience for groups of co-workers who are looking to learn more about one another and create stronger work relationships. Snowshoeing on a local trail while taking in the sights puts everyone at ease and the formality of the office or shop will soon melt away, allowing co-workers to be themselves and enjoy the time spent getting to know their colleagues better. A winter adventure can be the perfect remedy for work-related stress and can help co-workers have an experience and create memories that will strengthen their working relationships in the long run.

Winter adventure and nature

The Winnipeg River and surrounding boreal wilderness is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, turtles, otters, and many species of birds. You may spot one or many of these as you travel through the area, and these sightings can be just as exciting for adults as they are for teens and kids! The Winnipeg River offers a breathtaking view of the untouched Whiteshell Provincial Park while you make your way along the trail, and you’ll have nothing but beautiful sky above you and the forest around you. Your winter excursion is the perfect chance to tune in with the natural world around you—take a moment to listen for bird calls, the wind moving through the trees, and the chorus of wolves in the later hours of a starlit hike.

Disconnecting from the busy, technology-laden lives we all lead these days and reconnecting with nature is a sure way to find some inner peace and rediscover your sense of calm.

Winter adventure and romance

Winter excursions involve fun, beautiful surroundings, and a chance to spend quality time with one another. The outdoor environment is a great opportunity to reconnect with your long-term love or learn more about a new person you’re interested in. The playful nature of an outdoor adventure means you can relax and truly enjoy every moment of spending time with that special someone. No pressure, just stunning scenery and good company.

Stay awhile

Winter excursions make a great day adventure, but why not extend the experience by staying at Wilderness Edge and enjoying all that we have to offer? Spend the night or the weekend in one of our comfortable rooms, treat yourself to our delicious meals, and look for some more ways to have fun by choosing from our extensive list of amazing winter activities.

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